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The Gathapraya Festival

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog!
So, just a little while ago, Our beloved school of SMAN 3 Bandung held an amazing event called Gathapraya Cultural Festival.
This festival is about literary and cultural art. This festival was held on 30th of September 2017. This festival was located in Bali street Bandung, more precisely in Bali field. But this festival starts in Saparua park Bandung. From Saparua park we do a parade, the goal is to be crowded by local residents. There is a couple from a class to be a model in a fashion show. 3 couple was riding a horse, and the other couple walks behind them. From Saparua we turn right to Aceh street, and then straight till we meet intersection, we turn left to Kalimantan street, and then turn right to Belitung street, then turn left to Sumatera street, turn left again to Jawa street and the last, turn left to Bali street. And finally, we arrive at Bali field.
The first activity in this festival is opening with reading an Al-Qur'an. Then this fe…

My Last Holiday

Hello everyone! welcome back to my blog.
I want to tell you all about my last holiday after the semester exam. My holiday has mostly spent in the hospital. In case you're curious why I will explain it to you.

It all started when I got the vaccine at the hospital. After that, I became sick. But The basic training for Jamadagni XLII is near and I force myself to join even though I'm sick. And in the end, I became even sicker and have to stay in the hospital for a week and rest in my home for 2 weeks with intensive care.

So my holiday is basically filled with misery and disappointment. What's your holiday?
Making a Plan

Ilham:" Hi, Wildan. Where will you go on the next holiday?"
Wildan:" Hi, Ilham. I'm planing to go to the United States."
Ilham:" Wow,what an interesting plan, what will you do there?"
Wildan:" I just want to relax and enjoy my holiday."
Ilham:" But where are you going there?"
Wildan:" I'm going to New York and stay there for 2 weeks."
Ilham:" Wow, that's really nice. Are you going to see the liberty statue?'
Wildan:" Of course, and I will visit the World Trade Center."
Ilham:" The World Trade Center? Is that famous?
Wildan:" It's the 911 former crash site. It's really famous."
Ilham:" Really, wow, I didn't know that. Anyways, it's nice to chat you.See you next week!"
Wildan:" See ya!"

an Experience of a Lifetime

Hello, I'm Ilham Muhammad Adriansyah and I come from Indonesia. I want to share with you about my experience with someone that is really kind to me and I thanked him very much. It happened when I was in junior high school.

On that day, it was the second day of the national exam and it's the mathematics test day. I studied really hard on the other night and I'm really sleepy on the test day. When I woke up, I realize that I'm late. I quickly grab my bag and go to school. The test was computer based so I panicked that the test is already begun and I can't join. But lucky me, I came in the right time and the test is just about to begin. So I quickly write my name and log in. But I realized that although this is a computer based test, it was the MATH test. If you have math tests before, you know that you can't score a good score on math without writing some numbers and count them manually. So at that point, I realized that I'm really…
A simple conversation

Ilham:"Hi there! Are you waiting for the Bandung Institute of Technology entrance exam results?"
Wildan:"Oh yes, of course. How about you?"
Ilham:"I'm here for the results too! What a coincidence,I'm Ilham, what's your name?
Wildan:"I'm Wildan. Where do you come from?"
Ilham:"I'm from Bandung, actually my house is just a few blocks away. How about you, where do you come from?"
Wildan:"I'm from Bandung too! But my house is pretty far, it's near Cimahi."
Ilham:"Oh, I see, it's a long way from here right?"
Wildan:"Yes, hahaha, poor me. By the way, which faculty are you going to?"
Ilham:"I'm going to the industrial technology faculty. How about you?"
Wildan:"Really? I'm going to the industrial faculty too you know? What a coincidence."
Ilham:"Really, that means that we will be faculty friends if we're accepted."