Making a Plan

Ilham:" Hi, Wildan. Where will you go on the next holiday?"
Wildan:" Hi, Ilham. I'm planing to go to the United States."
Ilham:" Wow,what an interesting plan, what will you do there?"
Wildan:" I just want to relax and enjoy my holiday."
Ilham:" But where are you going there?"
Wildan:" I'm going to New York and stay there for 2 weeks."
Ilham:" Wow, that's really nice. Are you going to see the liberty statue?'
Wildan:" Of course, and I will visit the World Trade Center."
Ilham:" The World Trade Center? Is that famous?
Wildan:" It's the 911 former crash site. It's really famous."
Ilham:" Really, wow, I didn't know that. Anyways, it's nice to chat you.See you next week!"
Wildan:" See ya!"

an Experience of a Lifetime

Hello, I'm Ilham Muhammad Adriansyah and I come from Indonesia. I want to share with you about my experience with someone that is really kind to me and I thanked him very much. It happened when I was in junior high school.

On that day, it was the second day of the national exam and it's the mathematics test day. I studied really hard on the other night and I'm really sleepy on the test day. When I woke up, I realize that I'm late. I quickly grab my bag and go to school. The test was computer based so I panicked that the test is already begun and I can't join. But lucky me, I came in the right time and the test is just about to begin. So I quickly write my name and log in. But I realized that although this is a computer based test, it was the MATH test. If you have math tests before, you know that you can't score a good score on math without writing some numbers and count them manually. So at that point, I realized that I'm really…
A simple conversation

Ilham:"Hi there! Are you waiting for the Bandung Institute of Technology entrance exam results?"
Wildan:"Oh yes, of course. How about you?"
Ilham:"I'm here for the results too! What a coincidence,I'm Ilham, what's your name?
Wildan:"I'm Wildan. Where do you come from?"
Ilham:"I'm from Bandung, actually my house is just a few blocks away. How about you, where do you come from?"
Wildan:"I'm from Bandung too! But my house is pretty far, it's near Cimahi."
Ilham:"Oh, I see, it's a long way from here right?"
Wildan:"Yes, hahaha, poor me. By the way, which faculty are you going to?"
Ilham:"I'm going to the industrial technology faculty. How about you?"
Wildan:"Really? I'm going to the industrial faculty too you know? What a coincidence."
Ilham:"Really, that means that we will be faculty friends if we're accepted."

Hello, my name is Ilham. I'm 14 years old. I'm from Bandung. Just ignore the bonjour because i can guarantee you i'm nowhere near France. I'm single but I'm happy anyway, and I'm male. Just for your information.

I like basically anything as long as i can do it. Everything is my hobby. But playing guitar is one of my most favorite hobby. Maybe you can contact me and we can make a band together, who knows right? 

I live with my family, I have one mother and one father (of course lol). And one little brother. He is 7 years old, 7 years younger than me now. He is very cute and we play together pretty often. My father is a tax officer and my mother is a doctor. Lucky me, I don't get sick very often because of that. My mother always take care of me.

Right now, I'm a freshman at SMAN 3 Bandung. I'm from a private junior high school so I'm still adapting to the new environment. But i feel very happy here and i got a lot of new friends, maybe a lot …